Saturday, April 3, 2010

Training run

Another beautiful card from Lesa of LittleLifePreservers. I've been getting these homemade, artistic cards monthly since I've been in treatment

Some days I have more energy than others. Yesterday, even though I had the wind on my back and a day of rest, I could not get myself to move even at my usual turtle pace. I later walked 3.5 miles so today, I figured my run would be difficult but no, I was all full of energy. The spring marathon training group was running the other way. They too appreciate the 'scenic beauty road'. Even better, they have a waterstop and a bathroom. A handsome young man shouted "How's your shoulder?"
Who is this man and why does he know about my shoulder? Finally it occurred to me he was the orthopedic resident on duty almost 3 years ago when I broke my arm. He said that he often had seen me running while he rode his bike and that maybe I should switch to biking.
Hard to do one-armed.
But now I see he has switched to running. The ER resident had wondered out loud whether I was in an abusive relationship as he could not fathom why someone my age would be running. I wondered about his diagnostic skills as I did have running clothes and shoes on. Or maybe I always wore them ready to take off at the first hint I was going to be abused. But the orthopedic resident had come to my rescue saying that he sees me out there all the time.
Bringing up the rear of the training group was M, my LiveStrong trainer. I know she is headed for Boston. She's very tiny but used to be quite chunky. She brought in pictures to prove it. Her transformation was documented in Shape magazine. She works for the running store that sponsors this training run. I assume she was just keeping the back of the pack company as she is quite speedy.

Our hoped for marathon viewing session of United States of Tara did not come to pass as I lost the network suddenly. I suppose I could pay for it but I really don't watch that much TV to justify it especially as the weather is getting so nice.

Today more anatomy and physiology.

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