Thursday, April 22, 2010

Georgia Peach

An out of focus Naomi at the doctor yesterday at 29 weeks. She still persists in wearing her regular clothes.

As I was driving the 5 miles to Naomi's OB yesterday, a car in my neighborhood suddenly dashed out of their driveway without looking. It was sunny and clear and I was driving a bright red car but this person didn't look. I slammed on the brakes and horn thinking dark thoughts about this probable teenager. Later it was on the same road as me darting in and out of traffic tailgating anyone in its way. Very bad driving! It ended up at the same medical office building as me. I thought-Good, I will give this person-probably a teenager-a piece of my mind but it turned out to be an elderly man carefully walking his wife or mother into the building. The woman either had had a stroke or had Alzheimer's. Clearly he had his hands full and didn't need a lecture from me. Still he doesn't belong on the road. Tailgating with a slow reaction time-not a good combo. Backing out into a neighborhood full of kids without looking:not good either.

All is fine with the baby. We brought the crotch shot of the baby hoping the OB could decipher it. No she could not but no visible penis even if it could be tucked away so Naomi is considering it a girl. The OB is very warm and friendly. Naomi likes her quite a bit. Her blood tests went OK-no diabetes or anemia. Strong heartbeat for the little one. Naomi will be there every 2 weeks now.

If we had taken the freeway to my birthday dinner across town, we would have intercepted someone jumping off the overpass into our path, but we had taken city streets instead. The Happy Hour drink special at this New Orleans style restaurant was a peach martini-a Georgia Peach. Later when Julia joined us, she had one too. They were very potent. Two of them made it difficult for me to concentrate but it was nice spending the meal with Josh, Julia and Steve.

At the gym, I am trying to increase either the weights or the repetitions. I am not satisfied with the status quo. Need to improve faster. But now I am able to use some of the arm machines that my frozen shoulder made it impossible to use before so I am getting better.

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