Sunday, April 11, 2010

Chemo curls

One of the 'gifts' from cancer are my curls. As a child, my extremely straight hair was considered a cosmetic defect. I tried to curl my hair with the help of spoolies and dippety-do but the curls did not last long. Despite straightness being a recessive trait and both Steve and I having straight hair, two of the three kids have curly or wavy hair. Naomi straightens hers with an iron as does my daughter-in-law, who has beautiful blond curls naturally. In high school, late 60s, long straight hair was de rigeur so no more curling. But alas, along with my 6 month vacation from deodorant, plucking and shaving, the curliness has come to an end. I will have my hair cut next week one more time to see if the weight of my hair is straightening things out. I can't imagine having short straight hair.

Strange dreams last night. I dreamt I was pregnant too but had no time to pay attention to my unborn child as I was dealing with Naomi's. I was in a hospital for a cancer check-up (in my dream) and mentioned it to a doctor who asked if I'd like an ultrasound to see my baby. I kept waiting and waiting for the ultrasound and woke up wondering why I hadn't gotten an ultrasound earlier and then I remembered: I can't be pregnant.

I took a break from running today. Instead I went for a walk in the Arb with Josh and Sunny. The daffodils are out along with some wildflowers. Very pretty. Sunny likes the squirrels there of course.

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