Monday, April 19, 2010


I finally got around to sprucing up my rock garden. There was this broadleaf plant with just the beginnings of blue flowers. I assumed it's a weed and start pulling them all up. In the middle of the night, it occurs to me that I just pulled out all my forget-me nots. Since I didn't clean up my lawn debris, I supposed I can recover some of them.

Biggest weed-grass.

Never did convince Naomi to study. She likes to put things off to the last moment. She says I put too much pressure on her but she never puts any pressure on herself. The semester ends at the end of next week then I will be free for a bit from my tutoring duties until this baby arrives.
I put all my pills for the week in a pill reminder. It seems that I am filling this thing up more frequently. Time flies. This week will be a year since I finished radiation. Time dripped by slowly while in treatment, especially the 16 long, long weeks in chemo.

That baby will be here in no time.

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