Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Lonely Rats More Likely to Get Breast Cancer

Science news has been slow. Searching for new TNBC news, I read that certain combinations of drugs significantly extend the period before relapse in Stage 4 TNBC. Then I read what they deem 'significant'- extending the period of remission from 2 months to 4 months. Now that may be statistically significant ..........

I don't have a link for the title news. If it really was a study, I'd prefer they spend their resources elsewhere. Even the 'science news' in the WSJ was thin. There was a study reporting that depressed people eat more chocolate-one of those chicken or the egg situations. Another study saying that being 10-15 lbs 'overweight' was actually healthy (then it wouldn't be overweight would it). There was another article weighing the benefits of sunshine vs its downsides. Benefits: More vitamin D (so less certain types of cancer such as Breast), less depression. Downsides: wrinkles and skin cancer. It also distinguished between UV A and B. UV B reaches the deeper layers in the skin and is more dangerous for skin cancer. Sun tanning booths produce alot of it vs natural sunlight.

Naomi came over to study yesterday lured with the promise of having an artichoke. This is one food that the kids all love especially when served with a butter, garlic, lemon soy sauce. I have served them to their friends only to get very strange looks. I never had them as a kid or did I ever hear about them. My mom had the rotating 4 cans of vegetables system-canned corn, canned green beans, canned wax beans, canned peas-repeat cycle. Occasionally corn-on-the -cob would be thrown in but definitely no artichokes. In college, I belonged to a 'vegetable' co-op. If there were any left over vegetables, they were thrown into your bag along with the vegetables you ordered. I found an artichoke in the bag one day. A more sophisticated co-op member told me what it was and how to cook and eat them. Yum!

The baby is plenty active bouncing off the uterine walls before our eyes. The cool sunny weather is nice for running but there is a 'hard frost' advisory for tonight so all the plants need to come in.I have even more solar lights on my patio giving it a tacky Vegas strip kind of look. The squirrel last summer ate through one of my strings of lights, which I managed to splice back together. Over the winter, the electrical tape let in moisture so no lights. I fixed it all up yesterday and now my stars are back shining.

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