Saturday, April 10, 2010

My tumor's bigger than your tumor....

You don't always get what you want at the cancer store. I know I didn't.
This week a well known ex-tennis star, MN, announced that she too has breast cancer. Then she says it's DCIS (meaning abnormal cells within the duct-a precancer) and I am thinking, Ha that is nothing...quit yer whining. No chance of recurrence (so I thought-a woman on the TNBC page had her DCIS treated with chemo/surgery/radiation -overkill anyone? and the stuff still came back as a tumor two years later). The biggest shock to MN wasn't the inconvenience and pain of dealing with it (surgery and radiation)but how could she, picture of health and clean living get hit with this? Perhaps she attracted it through negative thoughts (the current thinking as expressed in such books such as The Secret-BTW, never give this book to a cancer patient) but to me it's a potshot. You've won the lottery though a Shirley Jackson type of lottery. (This is from the short story The Lottery that I read in 8th grade. A New England town goes through this complicated ritual every year to select a special person. In the end, this person is stoned to death by her former friends and my thinking then was WTF? I've since read that many objected to this twisted ending, no surprise, but others wrote inquiring which town is this and could they go watch?)

So not all cancers are equal. Some suffer more than others but we didn't get to chose which one we got from the Cancer Store. It is what it is.

We had the Mom's group last night. One of the moms had lots of life changing, positive news concerning herself. My cream cheese flan turned out OK even though I accidentally used the wrong ingredient. Flan is forgiving though. Lots of wine and tasty treats.

Today Naomi surprisingly agreed to come with me to a cousin's baby shower-a little girl due exactly one month before Naomi's. It was held at a beautiful house overlooking a lake. I got a chance to reconnect with some of my mother's relatives. The mom-to-be is my older daughter's age. The baby girls are going to have quite different experiences growing up.

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