Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hair yesterday

My hair today-a little short for my taste
So occasionally I did have curly hair with the help of a perm. Don't I look
like a poodle? This picture was taken Oct. 1983 after a 7.6 mile race in Milan
that I did very well in. I started running after Josh was 6 months old and found
I actually was good at it. Shanna and Josh are in the background.
This week has been spent looking for stuff I lost. Credit card twice (found both times), driver's license (after 2 hours of tearing things apart-I remembered I put it in a 'safe' spot) and Naomi's medical requisition forms for her glucose tolerance test and Rhogam shot. Never did find the latter but I went in to get a replacement. Also I needed to get yet another 'proof of pregnancy' letter. Naomi applied for WIC(food for pregnant women) but apparently lifting up your shirt and pointing to the swelling isn't good enough for them. I haven't seen Naomi since she stomped out of here Sunday. Hoping no news is good news but in her case, that's rarely the case. She needs that Rhogam shot this week to prevent her from forming antibodies to her baby's blood, which most likely is Rh+. It needs to be scheduled as they will test her blood again to make sure she is negative.
So despite the beautiful weather, I've been in a funk. This too will pass.
I went to another survivor cooking class this evening-topic: quick meals. The best dish was this this leek, artichoke, carrot and tofu saute on top of tomato couscous. A lady I hadn't seen since we were both bald was there. So nice to have hair and not worry about the wig being askew. There were several new people there including a woman who was just diagnosed-she was understandably shell-shocked. Someone had told me that the week you first find out is the worst. I think they are right.


Teri Bernstein said...

It looks like they are doing things differently these days re: Rhogam shot. I got mine after I delivered my A+ babies.

I am in a paperwork dervish and taxes.

Teri Bernstein said...

Also--Love the pix! Both of your new hairdo (blonde is better, no matter how short...) and the poodle-do with the Oh-so-athletic you. I had that haircut, too. :-)

I am assuming the run was in Milan (MY Lan) Michigan and not Milano...

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

Yes indeed it was in MY-lin as in "Stylin' in Milan' as one of the local businesses is so oxymoronically called. See I do remember that term but I can't remember what situation we were trying to classify as such back in Italy.
This Rhogam thing is an ordeal and will take the whole afternoon. They first have to take her blood and then it takes 2-3 hours to prepare the special Rhogam injection. We will wait around in wonderful Garden city or Wayne, whereever this hospital is.


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