Friday, April 16, 2010

New life

Primrose first appearing last week. Need to clean this rock garden
Naomi last week amongst the pink swag. I liked the sock garlands

Naomi at 28 weeks
So alot more is blooming now. My favorite: the weeping cherries though I don't have one. My crabs are late to bloom but my dogwood has produced some stunted blossoms. I also have a very pretty quince hedge covered in red blooms. It was 85 degrees yesterday. I worked out in the gym speaking to one of the LiveStrong counsellors headed to Boston. Monday is the Boston Marathon but it would be hard to qualify. My times in my 30s would have qualified me in my 40s but that's not how it works. But on my bucket list is running the Boston Marathon. I've done Detroit, NYC, Chicago and Columbus but long, long in the past.
Later Happy Hour at The Gandy Dancer. All sorts of fancy girlie drinks for $5. I went for an apple martini (good) and a mango mojito (not as minty as it should have been). Tasty and fun. I ran into a soccer mom who was an Italian major in school that I had been meaning to contact. She's led the Huron latin classes to Italy.
This afternoon: To the hospital for Naomi to get her Rhogam, a 3 hour minimum adventure.

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