Saturday, April 24, 2010

I knew her when....

Josh and his aunt on a ferry ride to Bainbridge Island for everyone except me to do a race. I passed as I thought I might be pregnant (didn't become pregnant for another month) Their eyes are absolutely identical.
Josh,7, on Bainbridge Island, WA racing to the finish. Although he is very fast for short distances, longer distances quickly tire him

Today I was informed that a former roommate is now a potential nominee to the Supreme Court to replace Justice Stevens. I googled her unusual name..yep it was her though I wouldn't recognize her as her long wavy brown hair has been replaced by a silver bob. I didn't spend many nights in our room-I was usually at my boyfriend Pork Chop's in part because every damn night her father from a more western time zone would call our shared phone (to save money even though the family was quite wealthy)late, after I was asleep and I would have half-asleep but fully pissed to go fetch her (couldn't she anticipate this call?) and then try to block out her voice as she recounted to Daddy how awesome everyone thought she was for the day. He was famous too; I had even heard of him. But there will be no name dropping here especially when we are dealing with lawyers. I did admire her efficiency; she'd awake minutes before having to be somewhere with her clothes all laid out in advance. She'd quickly jump into them and off she went like a little fireman. She couldn't be troubled by make-up and as I see now, still isn't. But even if she doesn't make it to the Supreme Court, she is well on her way to sainthood. Very impressive resume.
So now begins the several days of rain, which we need. Also the last minute cramming for Naomi for her to finish the semester. Outside my window is the dogwood that wouldn't bloom last year but is in full bloom this year. Our house had impressive gardens when we bought it (27 years ago!!!) and the former owner was giving me the info on all her plants. Her retired father kept everything up. She pointed to the baby dogwood tree and said it needed to be pampered. I was thinking it would be dead before the summer is over but it is one of the few things that remain from the original gardens. With us both working full time, all these kids, marathon and triathlon training schedules, coaching various sport teams, being a girl scout leader, housework and garden maintenance took a backseat. I make various stabs to make things right and clean up small corners of my universe but much needs to be done.
It is also survivor day at the Wellness community but I think I'll pass.
Almost every day this week I've had birthday dinners/lunches; I'd better step up the running.

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