Sunday, April 4, 2010

Powerless in Ann Arbor

Early yesterday morning, it was calm and sunny but by one or so, things changed. I heard a loud explosion. Apparently the wind knocked down a huge tree near us onto a power line setting off a fire. I am not sure if the boom was due to the tree or the power line exploding. We didn't get power until after dark. At dusk we wandered the streets like zombies to see how widespread the outage was finding our neighbors trolling similiarly. The frogs in our local pond are now active so Steve can hear them. Not long after we set up a system of candles and the hand-cranked flashlight power was restored in time to see the final buzzer of the MSU vs Butler game. Lost by a basket!
We had looked at the long range forecast. No temps below 40 for at least a week so we left the plants outside. But things change. It is 28 at the low point of Ann Arbor. There's frost here so goodbye to all my plants. They are close to the house so hopefully the leaking heat will save some of them.
Studying in the dark without a computer was not appealing to Naomi so we'll have to cram now.
Brunch at Josh and Julia's in a few hours.
Happy Easter!

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Holly said...

happy easter dear one....blessings


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