Friday, April 9, 2010

Dropping in

The kids drop by randomly. I don't care though sometimes I am not at home. But this is a one way street. I was in Ypsi yesterday and decided to visit Naomi. I figured the two male roommates would be gone, which they were. I called from the parking lot.
What are you doing here? No, you can't come in! I'll be out.

Dontae's roommate has a girlfriend and 6 week old child, Ishmael (Call me Ishmael, aptly named). The girl, a year or two older than Naomi, is very hot tempered and very immature. Before the baby was born, she had been kicked out of the apartment several times, twice with police help but now she's back. She had the baby out of state where her mom lives but was quickly back as her mom kept 'telling her what to do.' She presumably tried to stay in a shelter, with a newborn! but that didn't work out. Not only that, she has invited a girlfriend, also with a baby in tow to stay there, just for a few days. The 'guests' sleep in the living room and request that Naomi and Dontae not make so much noise when they get up so early to go to work or school. They would sleep until noon if it weren't for those pesky babies. The place is very chaotic. I urged Naomi to come home but this was not well taken. I noted Dontae's car in the parking lot, undriveable without an expensive part. How does he get to work? Naomi drives him, almost to Josh's house, and picks him up with MY car. I was asking too many questions. She jumped out of my car and retreated into that hellhole of an apartment.

It was very cold and windy yesterday. Spring disappeared. I figured I'd go to the gym but my visit to the parking lot took my energy away.

Moms group tonight. My role is the dessert lady. I'm thinking flan.

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Lisa L said...

you must be going out of your mind with worry. i am so sorry.


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