Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hair, here!

Shanna is on the left dressed as Twiggy when she was 9. I thought she looked cute with short hair but she never really forgave me for the haircut. This was on a Girl Scout camping trip. I was the leader. We had dress up day facillitated by a mom who was a lounge singer and had plenty of fancy dresses to share. She was a small woman so the dresses weren't so big on the girls. Not the usual camp activity. I made most of the moms come with me. I'm not watching your girls by myself..but we had fun.

Shanna at 2.5 years. Her hair is kind of wavy here
Josh at 16 months with absolutely straight hair

By the time he got to high school age 14, it darkened and became quite curly. Now as soon as it begins to curl, Julia cuts his hair. If it were up to me...well it isn't but I wish he'd let those curls grow.

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