Thursday, April 1, 2010

500th post-Twins

Baby TaeNae-26 weeks
Dakota in her new Snugli. With record high temps today, she won't need it

Siamese twins-Shanna and her Aunt Maddy. Shanna is 13 here

All my mom's grandkids in 2000. Josh 18, Leila and Audrey 15, Shanna 21, Thea 11, Naomi 9

The twins when they were 2 or 3. It's their birthday today. Age: 25. One is in grad school at Harvard; the other Columbia

Non-twin non-identical sisters 3.5 years ago at Josh's wedding. Who's
the big sister?
Already it is in the 70s and all the plants I kept inside now are soaking up rays outside.
The computer yesterday subtracted a few days from Naomi's due date. She was thrilled but as I kept reminding her that this was an artifact. Just because Daniel is as big as an one year old doesn't make him an one year old but she's going with the earlier date.
At one point yesterday, Naomi looked at the screen thinking she had some proof of her son:
There it is!!!
No Sweetie, that's the cord.

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Sara Williams said...

so sweet, mind you.... when i had harry i saw the evidence of a son but i refused to acknowledge it! you are blessed with any child, sex is not an issue xx


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