Friday, April 2, 2010

A Frog went a courtin'...

Dakota and Spud basking in the sun. Dakota immediately claimed the middle of the pillow giving poor Spud only the edge.
Sunset over Nixon Rd. Unfortunately I couldn't capture the bright red colors I actually saw but they were very impressive

Frog courting sounds. The video itself is not interesting but the frogs in love were so loud, I recorded them for Steve's benefit. He was unable to hear them the other day.
When we were kids in music class, we had to sing this bizarre song, "A Frog went a courtin'". It appears to be a cautionary tale about the dangers of interspecies love. The frog falls in love with Miss Mousie but before she agrees to marry him, she needs Uncle Rat's permission. Eventually they do get married but the wedding is crashed first by bugs and a tick making the guests miserable and finally by a duck and a big gray cat. It ends badly; the duck eats the frog and the cat eats the rodents. The song itself is very long and repetitive but easy to sing as there is a very narrow range of notes.
Several frog species are singing their love songs now. My frog loving friend and I went out at dusk to a wet land last night to hear and record them.
It was a beautiful day. After working out with weights, I lounged around on my patio surveying all the work I need to do. Naomi and her puppy came over for more study time. Yesterday's topic: the cardiovascular system. Tight Pants May Attract. That's the acronym we made to remember the path through the heart the blood takes. Tricuspid, Pulmonary, Mitral, Aortic valves in that order. Baby Naetae was plenty active distracting Naomi.
Look what she is doing now! Did you see that?
I can see the baby move now especially when she is searching for a more comfortable spot. Note the use of the feminine pronoun. Although the sonographer wouldn't sign-off on it, she appears to be a girl.
After our frog search, junk TV! We are getting Showtime for I don't know how long. United States of Tara was especially interesting. A mom raising 2 teenagers has multiple personality disorder. The family is very accepting of this although the teenage girl definitely prefers some of the personalities over the others. Fun to watch!

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