Tuesday, June 23, 2009

watching my flowers grow

My first tiger lily
I am not sure what these are called-Hot cat? Catsia? This is the first year I grew them

The first of the 3 callas to bloom. In a few days, all three plants should be covered with blooms
I shared an office with a man many years ago who every morning would greet me I can't wait for tomorrow. I usually would ignore this (along with requests to pull his finger) until I couldn't stand the badgering and then I would finally ask, Why's that? Because everyday I just keep getting better looking.
If only...

So each day I should be getting more hair and getting smaller. Progress remains at a glacial pace.
What does progress are my flowers with new blooms appearing every day. This week is very hot and humid, which is not good for my running. I did do around 5 miles this morning but the last half was painful. No cooler temps in the near future either.


Sara Williams said...

Thank you for sharing your flowers, they are beautiful. I love the Calla lillies - exquisite!

I will be following in your footsteps soon (I keep telling myself its soon) with growing hair and getting smaller!


Daria said...

Those are beautiful flowers ...

Holly said...

your garden is so lovely....


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