Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sue in Italia redux

Today Steve and I went to a fundraiser for the Abruzzo earthquake victims that my roommate Nancy helped organize. The Abruzziese were so kind to us last summer setting up special dinners for us that to not help them a little would not be right. Lots of good food and homemade dolci. It was nice talking with Jeanette and Robert again (Ciao-Jeanette is one of my readers). We also sat with an interesting couple-the man from Torino and the woman from Madagascar.
It is getting toasty again and running is becoming more difficult. I am afraid that I am coming down with a cold as I am so tired.
Josh is in Chicago. Many of his high school friends moved there and he goes there every opportunity he can. Only a few friends left in Michigan. Setting limits for Naomi is much more difficult with her being able to drive. She insists that now she is an adult and therefore doesn't need to check in every minute with me.
I am slowly exiting cancerland. If one doesn't look too carefully, I appear the picture of health with my tan and muscle tone. The hair is so very slowly growing in. It is now fairly thick-can't see any scalp-but still not yet an inch. Maybe in a month I can lose the wig. My sweat glands haven't returned but they can stay away.


Holly said...

ays...i find that i still feel like a citizen though my treatment ended 22 months ago...

Sara Williams said...

Dont stop blogging Sue, you keep me going x


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