Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Lots of bunnies this year. So far they've only nibbled on some of my petunias. There is mama bunny and 3 or 4 adolescent bunnies about half her size. But there is an additional baby bunny no bigger than a hamster. I don't know if it's just a runt or there are 2 families and this little bunny hangs out with the big bunnies. I found it lying absolutely still the other day in the grass. Not a safe place for it as this cat makes regular trips through our yard. Naomi started to pick it up and it leapt out of her hands. I saw it last night cavorting with the teenage bunnies.

There is so much yard work to be done. I pulled weeds for an hour from my raspberry patch giving me a nasty rash. My raspberries themselves are turning into weeds. They migrated 20 feet to my hosta bed. I will kill them once I pick the berries from them in a month. So mean.

We had our last workout day at the LiveStrong program today. On Thursday, they will test us and we'll have a party. Still haven't heard if they will give me a scholarship. I am able to lift so much more weight now and do more on the elipitical trainer.

We have only one man in the class. He was telling us how hard it was to lose his hair as it was his crowning glory. Still a bald man just doesn't draw as many stares as a bald woman so I do have a hard time feeling sorry for him especially now that it's back. He has way more hair than any 50 or 60 year old man I know and certainly more than anyone else in the class. He refuses to cut it until he is 2 years ot of treatment.

It's Naomi's boyfriend's birthday today so she is spending the whole day celebrating it with him. Yes this makes me uneasy.

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Sara Williams said...

I love watching wildlife. We have a golf course 5 minutes walk from me and about 8 years ago it was all pasteur land. When I walked my dogs at dusk it gave me great pleasure to see the little bob tails flashing by. These days they have been cleared as vermin and I no longer see bob tails. Howeve there are toads, frogs, foxes, badgers, owls, grass snakes, weasels, jays, sparrow hawkes.... need I go on?


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