Friday, June 5, 2009

Graduation Open House

My second grandson at 19 weeks

Tonight we are having an open house for Naomi. Still not sure if I get to meet the boyfriend. I have been warned several times not to ask too many questions or to laugh too much. I am just so embarassing.
I went with Shanna to our hairdresser for her haircut. I haven't had a haircut since July and felt bad that my hairdresser was left to wonder what happened to me. She said how much she liked my hair and then I lifted my wig a little. Oh.
As for hair, I now have an inch on the top. It seems to form a ridge along the top of my skull-a mini mohawk. Also this ridge divides mostly white on one side and mostly dark brown on the other-a harlequin head. My lower lashes are all grown in and 3/4 of the uppers.
Still trying to carve a reasonable body from this blob of lard. Ever see a really fat person and think-if I was him or her, I would just do this and this and this and get into shape in no time. Well I am that person now and it isn't that much fun though I am making progress. I've dropped 10 lbs and ran almost 6 miles the other day. I no longer go into major oxygen debt going up minor hills and I am alot firmer-especially my legs.
I was looking at names of cancer blogs yesterday. My favorite: Living la vida leuko! apparently about leukemia. The Uniboob Club, Stolen Colon, What's up your Butt?, Chemopalooza, As the Tumor Turns, Cancer Bitch, and onebreastbouncing.
My break from trying to whip this house into order is over.


Daria said...

The creativity in blog names is unbelievable.

Good job on the 10 lbs and the 6 miles. Wow!

Sara Williams said...

Well Sue, I think you are wonderful. You are my ray of hope! The bod will come back and hopefully mine will too. I lost 3lbs this week!!!!!!! Healthy eating, not due to chemo or being silly! Just wish I could run


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