Thursday, June 18, 2009


We've been seeing the microbunny for the past 4 days. Despite its very small size compared to its probable siblings, it seems to be weaned and on its own. Yesterday it was nibbling on the neighbor's lilac leaves. In the evening, it hunkered down in the vegetation next to our patio even though it must be able to see us right there. Sometimes it hops through just inches away from us. Danger lurks for microbunny however as also hiding in our bushes is a stray cat-Ratty cat-so named for its mangy fur. There is also someones pet cat that visits our property too.

I went to the Farmer's market yesterday to pick up a few more additions to my patio gardens. Yeah, just what I need. But I love being surrounded by flowers and at night, my color changing solar lights. I love checking out my little gardens daily to see what has grown and what now is in bloom. Somewhere I read that true gardeners don't do annuals. My rock garden is mainly perennials with some self-sowing annuals (alyssum, California poppies, forget-me-nots)but excepting the day lilies, clematis, and various types of tiger lilies, I am very dependent on annuals for color. I tried to economize by growing some by seeds but that was a bust as they didn't get watered enough while I was gone and I left them out in a hail storm. I did replant some cosmos seeds to add to the few mature plants I purchased. I also saved the rhizomes over the winter for the tuberous begonias but then I had a brain fart and planted them in full sun. Half of them burned to death before I realized my mistake.

Our last LiveStrong class is today and they will test us to see how we've improved. One is supposed to be able to balance on one foot for more than a minute. I was able to do it for maybe 3 seconds. Chemo destroys balance for many people messing somehow with the inner ear. I am not sure if my balance has returned. My hair is a little longer (very little) this week. It doesn't lie flat and seems to be growing upward. If I wet it down, I have a little fringe of bangs.


Sara Williams said...

Hi Sue!
I love your choice in flowers, Poppies, Alys cant spell, and forget me nots! Have you tried Night Scented Stock? I think it is an annual plant but the perfume comes out in the evening and it is pure bliss to sit amongst. Note to self, must try to get some......

I hope microbunny survives, he sounds cute

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

I will look up Night Scented Stock as I love things that smell good. Right now all that I can smell in the warm, humid air are my petunias. They smell like clove oil. The lilacs and lilys of the valley are done. When I run, I smell this unknown white plant-it smells like honeysuckle but that's past its prime here. It sorta looks like a hydrangea but isn't. I did spell alyssum wrong.

S. F. Heron said...

Go microbunny! Hopefully, he won't much on your flowers. The bunnies at home eat everything, even marigolds - the little wretches!


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