Friday, June 26, 2009

My little pretties

More beautiful cards compliments of Lesa, a breast cancer survivor from Plymouth, MA (LittleLifePreservers)who is on a one woman mission to brighten the lives of women in treatment with her artistic, homemade cards. So much appreciated by yours truly!

Some zinnias and cosmos after the 2 inch rain

My hen and chick turning into a rooster in my rock garden

Poppies (California self sowing type)-I have bad luck with traditional poppies but these grow all by themselves
Lots of rain at the end of the day and the humidity dropped with it-finally. I went out after the storms to survey the damage-lots of water logged plants. My poor little blue bells was covered with slugs. After killing those disgusting creatures, I put the pot in a slug-free zone. Hard to save the begonias in the ground from their nasty, slimy appetites.
Too tired to run today though I did go to the gym to lift weights and do the elipitical trainer. As the fat (ever so slowly) dissolves, I can see more and more of my latent muscles. Still would like to see more hair but six weeks ago, it was only a mm or so and I had no eyebrows or eyelashes. Now I have a full set of eyelashes and very furry brows. Have to figure out how to tame them other than plucking out the outliers. My 'haircut" looks like that of a typical 5th grade boy circa 1964. It has been almost a year since my last real haircut-right before I went to Italy.
Naomi has been running around like a maniac trying to clean up portions of the house Dontae might visit. Ha! He allegedly is a neat-nik and she is NOT. He is coming over tonight. I am surprised she hasn't gotten around to lecturing me on what I can and can not say. I am just so embarassing.


Beth said...

your flowers are beautiful! Maybe you could flap your arms a little while he's there :)

Sara Williams said...

Sue, thanks for sharing your wonderful flowers with us, they made me smile! I was thinking about you today and I wanted to let you know just how much I love hearing about your running, weight etc. I have put on so much weight with BC and I cant wait to be where you are now, you give me HOPE and I thank you for that xxxxxx PS: I was in Italy before I found my cancer!

Daria said...

Yes very nice flowers ... please keep sharing them with us.

S. F. Heron said...


We've had our first 4 days straight of sunshine here and things are starting to bloom. It's been an incredibly rainy spring and early summer but Jackie's seedlings are plants now :)


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