Sunday, June 21, 2009


I love it when the days get longer and longer but now it will be the reverse. I do not want to sink into winter again. The heat is speeding up the blooming of my flowers and I will have ripe raspberries at the end of the day. Friday, I had only 3 callas ready to bloom and now I have 10. None have actually opened up yet but probably will by the end of the day.

In the book, Why I Wore Lipstick to my Mastectomy, patients chose alternative names as of a way of asserting some means of control when some aspect of their lives was way out of control (cancer). It was suggested that they use the name of their first pet and the street that they first lived on. I would be Mimi Cayuta. I have also heard this same nomenclature method used to devise 'noms de guerre' for being a street walker. Oh well. In Italy, we were to select "Italian" names. I felt that I had been cheated in my junior high French class because everyone got to select a new name except me because I already had a "French" name. I went with Valeria last year. In Sevilla, the innkeeper called me, Soothana.

So it's Father's Day. We will go to a barbecue at our son, Josh's house. I haven't seen him in more than 2 weeks.


Sara Williams said...

well my name would be Fluffy Kyffin lol!

Have a great BBQ :0)

Holly said...

yikes - my name would be "Tramp Nobadeer".....( ya know...from Lady and the Tramp?)

Daria said...

Sorry raised on a farm ... not street name ...

It's true thou ... trying to assert some control over cancer.

I think that helped me ... getting some sense of control back.

Teri B. said...

I guess I would be Ion Schoolcraft. Maybe I should be a science Fiction writer. Ciao, bella! Teri


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