Saturday, June 27, 2009

Never too late

I was out early on my 10K run this morning on Warren Road, a scenic beauty road that is tree lined and runs by several farms. I rarely see a car on it much less people but today I found a woman walking her dog (Sweetie-a shih-tese, Maltese-shih tzu). She wanted to talk but said if I didn't want to interrupt my run, she'd understand. Oh great, more criticism but no, she wondered if I knew what had happened to 'walking lady', so named as she spends the entire day walking while smoking. She is dark brown from the constant sun with long blonde hair and if she weighs 70 lbs, I'd be surprised. I said I had seen here about a week ago but she must have cut down her walking considerably as I rarely see her. Anyway Sweetie's owner told me about all the marathons she's run and she didn't start running until her 70s. How old are you now? Well how old do I look? Well I would have said 70 but you made it sound like you were 70 many years ago. I'm 85.

Although it still is toasty here, the low humidity made my run tolerable.

Much to Naomi's chagrin, Dontae changed his mind about wanting to come here. She just left him at his mom's apartment, too mad to say anything to him.

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Sara Williams said...

Its great to hear about people breaking down the barriers and running. I am getting excited because I have 3 more sessions before I finish chemo and I can get my life back!


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