Saturday, June 6, 2009

Party aftermath

License plate courtesy of la mia amica Jeanette, one of the few fellow non-Italians I met in Gagliano although she is married to a man of Italian ancestory. The my friend. Silly Italian grammar rules although I think I can drop the article if the friend is named. I forgot.

No more PMS for me but I suffer from the fallout from the seemily constant PMS of a certain redhead. I have always heard of a 'redhead' personality and didn't give it much thought -sort of like astrology as if your personality is based on your hair color vs birth date but she doesn't do much to counteract this negative stereotype. She is currently zonked out with her friend in front of the TV in our lower level. I found all the leftovers from the party in front of them this morning. No putting of perishables in the refridgerator for them. After many warnings on what would be acceptable behavior on my part, I was allowed to meet the infamous Dontae. In case I couldn't remember my instructions, I was given warning glares when I spent too much time in his presence. Josh did speak to him for about 5 minutes so I will quiz him later. We were lucky to have very nice weather. The adults and Oliver could comfortably sit outside while Naomi's friends stayed inside. So thank-you friends for coming. I will post pictures later.


Holly said...

loved this - PMS 24-7!!

Daria said...

Cute! I think that person has a sense of humor.

Sara Williams said...



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