Saturday, June 20, 2009

Life outside Cancerworld

So life goes on and I should give some thought to how I will be spending my life if I survive and I most likely will. While under treatment, I couldn't see beyond finishing treatment. My company shut down almost 2 years ago and I most likely won't resume being a scientist unless I do it on a short term assignment. The few options here are closing down. Before cancer, I thought of training to be a doula and helping those who needed it. One of the volleyball moms I've met does her 'doula-ing' in Honduras and I thought that might be a possibility.

In the near term, I will go to Boston when Shanna has her 2nd baby and help with Oliver in the beginning of September. Then in October, go to Italy again with my friend. In the meantime, I can brush up on my language.

It is very hot and humid here now making running not so much fun. After I stopped running, sweat continued to pour from me for another half hour. Today I only did a short run. Our dehumidifier died when we needed it most and it's in the shop. The air conditioner is threatening to die though it is working at the moment. Lots of storms came through last night. A friend and I watched all the lightning out on my patio last night. The calla lilies she gave me are finally showing some signs of blooming. Have to get some 'night scented stock' as my friend Sara in Wales suggested. It is supposed to release a very nice fragrance only at night. I will check with a nursery tomorrow for it.

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Daria said...

It's a whole new world out there ... because you are seeing it with new eyes.

You did the treatment now it is time to live a long and happy life.


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