Friday, June 19, 2009

Balancing act

At our last day at LiveStrong, they tested us to see how far we came. A 'healthy' person should be able to stand on one foot for more than a minute. Back in March, my best time was 3 seconds. Now it is 20 seconds. I still haven't recovered from what ever chemo does to the middle ear. One of the women in the class said that Cytoxan destroyed her hearing. On the tests of strength and agility, I only did slightly better but I allegedly blew my classmates out of the water as I am so 'strong'.

One of my classmates starts chemo again soon by her request. She wants to do everything possible to ensure her ovarian cancer not coming back. Her hair is about an inch longer than mine and the Taxol probably will make her lose it again. I don't think I could go through that again. It is still a toss up to me which was worse, Adriamycin vs Taxol. Constant queasiness, gastric system sores vs muscle pain. The constant nose bleeds (not sure which drug caused that) and my energy being sapped (both drugs).

They will let me know in the mail soon about my scholarship request to continue my workouts. I will run regardless but the strength training would be nice.

I waited for the storm to past before running in the humidity. No more nice cool days for me. I went out to lunch with an ex-colleague whose wife is a BC survivor. I had a nice time. I feel that I am becoming more and more isolated as people become busier with their lives.


Tracey said...

I've just discovered your blog and i wiash you all the best in your recovery xx

Regarding the middle ear thing.. WOW! I finished chemo 2 years ago and am still wobbly and fainting and been dizzy! My oncologist did say the chemo affects people different and its really knocked me for six.

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

Hi Tracey

Welcome. I did check out your blog. I do have a good friend who had uterine cancer. When they went in for the hysterectomy, they discovered ovarian cancer in situ so she too had 2 types of treatment including the internal radiation. She's fine now though over the years she's had adhesions that needed to be removed. No recurrences, thankfully.

I went to England 2 years ago and loved it. Still laughing how the hotel clerk asked me if I wanted to be 'knocked-up' the next day. In the US, that means to get pregnant not a wake-up call.
Also you used the word 'bap'. Not used here. No bam on a bap-or whatever it is called.
I love little cultural differences such as these!!!

Tracey said...

Us English are funny haha.. Although a Bap as in bread bun has all kinds of names depending on which part of England your in..
Where i'm from we call them a bread cake... just to confuse haha.

Knocked up means the same over here too, so funny.

I love it when talking to people overseas, i tend to forget the differences in words and rabbit on, not realising they have no idea what i'm waffling on about hahaha


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