Monday, June 22, 2009


There is just so much junk out there. Somewhere today I read that hypothyroidism leads to breast cancer. The theory goes that hypothyroidism results in lower core body temp (true) and that cancer cells thrive in this colder environment (no proof). When I first read this, I thought I found the smoking gun: Running caused my BC. Here is the train of thought. Running caused me to trip on a root which led to a broken arm which led to intense pain over the next several months which led to me popping ibuprofen (after being cut off from Vicodin)which led to my stomach lining being shredded which led me to pop Rolaids containing calcium carbonate every few minutes which tied up my Synthroid which led to me being hypothyroid which led to me getting cancer. Oh and the tip given to prevent hypothyroidism is to eat kelp, which is high in iodine. Michigan at one point was goiter central as there is little iodine in the soil and seafood rarely was sent here. But iodizing salt cured that. It is now impossible to escape iodine, which MAY account for the high prevalence of Hashimoto thyroiditis, a very common autoimmune disease that produce antibodies that destroys the thyroid. It is allegedly present in 20% in women over 40 (about 80% among my friends). I didn't have that. I had a similar disease that caused antibodies to stimulate the thyroid (Graves') and to control it, my thyroid was destroyed by radioactive iodine. Now that could be a smoking gun as more BC is observed among people so treated. I did a search today and actually BC rates were lower among those with hypothyroidism. It seems that the tumors need the thyroxine to thrive.

I decided that today would be a gym day vs a running day so I wouldn't be running 4 days in a row. But later I see that today is the 'cool' day at only 81 deg (with matching humidity)-much worse for the next 4 days. I did see my buddy Ann who is in the LiveStrong program that meets Mondays and started after my session did.

Naomi went to registration and had to take tests to determine what levels she's at. She did acceptably at math and writing but her reading is deficient. No surprise there. It means she has to take extra classes.

We had a nice Father's Day dinner at our son and wife's house. It was fun to see them.

No sign of the bunnies. Maybe the cat ate them all. I see my little hummingbird only every other day or so. I will post pictures of my callas tomorrow.


Daria said...

You are right ... there is so much junk out there.

Sara Williams said...

I had a similar conversation with a BC friend today or rather a friend I have who is fighting BC at the same time as me (we live in the same area). Sooooo much rubbish out there, I have already wondered if it was the Chernobil fallout, the cement factory in Llay, the dog attack I had in November...... it doesnt matter what caused it, we have it, we fight it, we live xxxxx


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