Wednesday, June 17, 2009

And miles to go before I sleep...

Naomi in her typical defiant pose

So Wednesday is the day that I have decided that I should do a long run as I should be fresh from no running the day before. I awoke to pouring rain. I waited a few hours from the rain to diminish to a drizzle and off I went. Very humid and I had nothing absorbant to wipe my foggy glasses on. If I run long enough, I can run on Warren Road, a designated "Scenic Beauty Road" meaning they don't trim the trees overhanging the road. It is good for my legs as it is a clay road, spongy when wet. Lots of goldfinches flitting around. Unfortunately, a lot of the land are wetlands meaning biting flies in certain seasons. If I stop to rest, they land on me and bite but leave me alone if I keep moving. Must... keep..running. 6.6 miles.

While I was waiting, I wrote a letter to the Aetna appeals committee protesting the denial of claims. It better work.

Steve and I took a walk last night visiting with a former co-worker. The one place in Ann Arbor that hired some of the laid-off former co-workers of mine is now laying them off. Hard times for us chemists.


Beth said...

Hi Sue - I have a question for you - you mentioned you have the Good Wishes head scarf (which I just received today). When I try it on, it show a big bald patch in the back - do you have the same problem or am I doing something wrong? It is beautiful fabric, I would like to be able to wear it!

Sara Williams said...

Glad you had a good run, the flies are a motivation then! That is good. If you can get hold of Avon products, try the woodland fresh range because they are reknown for keeping midges away!

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

Hi Beth. They sent me a wide head band to wear under it which covered up the bald spot. They were very nice to me.

And Sara, unfortunately these flies aren't midges but big nasty things called deerflies. Nothing seems to work against them and the biting flies that they have up north here. Rain doesn't stop them either. The Avon products are good against mosquitos though-lots of them this year no thanks to the amount of rain.


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