Wednesday, June 24, 2009


The heat index was forecasted to rise to 107 today so as soon as I rolled out of bed, I tried to get a run in. I went just in the neighborhood as it is fairly shady minus all the trees we lost to ash borer disease. But the disadvantage of running before you wash your face and put on make-up is that for sure you'll run into people you know that want to talk. So I ran into 2 separate people who wanted to know how I was doing but I guess they assumed I must be doing fine as I was running. When Cancerfest first started, someone came up to me and said that they thought they heard I had cancer but since they saw me running, they must have heard wrong. I actually felt better running today vs yesterday but maybe because the sun wasn't on me the whole time. Not much relief in sight here with the heat.

Steve went to transfer Naomi's records from the pediatrician to the 'big girl' doctor but was stumped when they needed her signature as she is 'an adult'. Have they met Naomi? But Naomi certainly was out of place among the crying babies and toddlers asking about birth control to a person who believes in arranged marriages.

The repair bill to fix our dehumidifer equals the cost of a new one. Our air conditioner works only if you hit it the right way. Ugh.

Our LiveStrong class now is sending e-mails to each other every day. I guess we all need support. Off to Happy Hour with Brenda>


Sara Williams said...

Sounds like a good run but I never run in makeup and I rarely stop to talk because I like to keep going, keep focused and in my rhythm. Glad you had a good one though x

Daria said...

Oh my 107 ... that is warm. Stay cool.


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