Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Woe to those who are my mother

This cryptic statement was left by a Turkish young man who happens to have my same last name (which is German derived Jewish) on my Facebook page. I had it translated from the Turkish and the title is what was spit out. Not sure why this young man wanted to be my friend. Naomi had accepted his friend request thinking it was her page that was open and she is always happy to get a new friend (with one huge notable exception-she is always careful to exclude a certain someone). I am on Facebook mainly to get Oliver videos.

For my cancer gals, check out All sorts of free retreats for us. Thanks Rural Woman.

Taxol is releasing its hold on me and I was able to walk in the relative warmth with one of the moms in Gallup Park yesterday for more than an hour. Also, extra bonus, I was able to sleep through the night.

Bball in Dexter last night. Josh didn't come (he lives in Dexter) but he will come to the cancer benefit game this Friday along with some of the moms. Two of our posts were injured. On any other team and even on this team for the past 2 years, Naomi would be a forward, not a post as she is too small (5'10' vs over 6 feet) but this year, he is playing 4 guards and one post-no forwards so no clear role for Naomi unless she plays post. Coach Steve started with no posts and it was a disaster until he put Naomi in. He finally was happy with her and she played the rest of the game. They handily won. Naomi had to match up with a girl she especially dislikes. Apparently the feeling is mutual. Naomi is now covered with fresh bruises and claw marks but she doesn't care as she shut this girl down. Unless she messes up in practice, she should be good to go for the Pioneer game. She does well against their center.

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