Tuesday, February 3, 2009

How I spend my time

Oliver on Times Square

Andy Warhol does Naomi
The above are examples of my handiwork from a tip from Rural Woman, a TNBC survivor. You too can have fun using the program at http://www.photofunia.com/.
So how my life has changed from having every moment scheduled to now as the moments slowly tick by in chemoprison. Not too long ago, I bought this beautiful fused glass clock the shape of a tropical fish-it was very inexpensive and it looks nice on my wall. It ticks so loudly, I can hear it in every room in the house. It is a constant reminder of my time slowly ticking away.
My day: 9 am: Awake and eat breakfast
9-10 am: Read paper and do puzzles
11am: Write in blog and catch up on e-mail
12-1: Make phone calls
1-2: Walk for an hour
3-5: Visit with friends-Yesterday I was treated by a visit from Brenda
5: Watch boob tube
6: Dinner
7: Deal with Naomi, talk on phone, check e-mail, read
10: Try to sleep
12: wakeup agitated. Read, do puzzles, think useless thoughts, try to sleep, read , think more useless thoughts.
5 am: Finally sleep
9: Awake

Exciting huh? Sadly I don't have much energy for much else. Not all is gloom and doom. I didn't need viocodin to sleep as my pains have diminished considerably.Yesterday as I was writing about chickadees, my cousin Wendy sent me a cute card with a chickadee on it. Even though the temp dropped again, it was sunny and windless. This time my neighbor Jody walked half my route with me. Brenda stopped by with good company, pretty flowers, fresh raspberies and nocciola (hazelnut gelato). At night, I reconnected with my college pal John M. Some of my readers would remember him. He has turned into a political activist along with his tree farming in the Piedmont on a restored tobacco farm. He is no longer a practising clinical pyschologist. It was fun catching up. I hadn't seen him since Josh as a high school senior, had a soccer tournament in Raleigh and we paid him a visit. Naomi had to write a paper for Government on what 3 things Barack has done so far that relate to the US Constitution. She needed alot of help for that. Unfortunately this turned into a political disagreement between Steve and I.

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