Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Chemo Round 6

Only 2 more to go. On the night before chemo, I am usually too anxious to sleep. Also I am to dose myself with Zyrtec and Zantac 6 hours before infusion so this meant getting up at 3:45 am. According to my bloodwork, I am doing fine. As predicted by Dr. Henry, my red count is still low but it didn't get any lower. She thinks now it will rise. My myalgia problem seems very common. This time I will take the vicodin at the first sign of pain. They were late starting the infusion. I was at the hospital for almost 7 hours. Boring, boring.

Marilyn called to suggest this affirmation tape the Cancer Resource Center hands out. Not sure what is on it- I will survive. I am stronger than cancer, I am a fearless warrior. She also thought that I should be taking B complex vitamins as UM's recent research says they help stop neuropathy although I don't have it (knock wood) and she does. I will look into this. While I was getting chemo today, I was watching American Beauty and there are several parts with Ann Benning playing the whacked-out real estate agent listening to affirmation tapes to motivate herself. They made me laugh.

Jo and I watched Revolutionary Road last night (same director and feel as American Beauty) but much sadder and less humor.

Record highs today but I am too tired to take advantage of them. I came home to find several of my neighbors dealing with ice dams that were preventing the drainage of our street. I finally told them I had cancer. I also think I am too tired to go to Adrian tonight for the bball's away game.

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