Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Triple Negative in My Neighborhood

About 2 months ago, I learned that there was a woman that I knew slightly in my neighborhood also dealing with breast cancer. I had sent her a note asking her to contact me if she needed support, to share war stories, whatever but no reply. I was just walking by her house yesterday (after my run) and thought of her puzzled by the lack of response. Big, whiny baby that I am, I assumed that maybe she just didn't like me. Just when I was thinking those negative thoughts, according to the time on my answering machine, she did call me!

M is around  my age and was diagnosed the same week I was with TNBC. Although ladies with TNBC are easy to find in cyberspace, I have yet to meet up with one in person. I've met a few triple positives but most ladies I find are estrogen positive, her2 negative. M began chemo (the exact regiment I am on) 2 weeks before me. I should have started that week too and I keep kicking myself but can't travel backwards in time. It has been really kicking her butt, which accounts for her isolation. Mainly she is very anemic, sounds breathless, has swollen painful ankles, and is just downright fatigued. She also reacts poorly to Taxol, which they give over a very long time instead of the usual 3 hours. Her tumor was smaller (she found it herself but it did NOT show up on a mammogram) so the odds calculator gave her much nicer survival numbers. But I was thrilled to find someone whose situation is so similar. Our sons are the same age and are both engineers. (I knew her from when they played baseball together)

The high was 51 and sunny. Tropical for us in the frozen Midwest. It is still sunny but is 36. Fine for a run.

I went to an Oscar-nominated shorts festival  last night. I especially liked the animated shorts-much more creative. Some of the "live" ones were depressing, especially the German "Toyland" which will probably win in 2 weeks.

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