Monday, February 2, 2009


I finally got the call today about my suspicious, very black mole that was uncovered on my scalp when I lost all my hair-benign.

This new insurance continues to keep me busy. They require referrals from my primary for everything or they charge us 30% co-pays. We have now an impressive bill. However despite numerous calls, these referrals hadn't been sent out. I finally remembered the name of the woman responsible for this f*ck-up-Debbie. Eventually everything should be straightened out but my advice to anyone in a similar situation, write down the name of everyone you talk to.

Yesterday it was close to 40 deg and sunny-it hadn't been above freezing in almost 6 weeks. We went out to Kensington to see the birds. The usual winter flock, consisting of mainly chickadees, tufted titmice, nuthatches and the occasional downy woodpecker, was quite happy to see us and our walnuts. Yesterday the wild turkey flock wanted their share. We've seen them before from a distance. They didn't want to eat out of our hands like the chickadees but they would eat the spillage from the little kids trying to feed the songbirds. They are quite pretty. It was fun seeing the little kids' reactions to them. The turkeys were taller than some of the toddlers. Actually many of the adults there had never seen a wild turkey before. We found an evening grosbeck feather. I haven't seen a grosbeck (at least the yellow kind, I've seen the rose breasted variety) since I was a kid in upstate NY where they were winter regular visitors to our feeder. Bird populations are quite different than they were when I was a kid even in Michigan. Where we lived in NY had a completely different terrain. The only constant seems to be blue jays. I always seem to have at least 2 pairs of them on my property. My mom had a strawberry patch, their favorite food, where my kitty would lie in wait. They would circle noisily around her head confusing her so she would never be able to catch one.

I digress, per usual. It was good to get out of my cave and move although the snowpack was quite slippery.

I still have muscle aches, though not nearly as severe as last Thursday. I can ignore them during the day but I still need vicodin to get me through the night.

It cooled down again but still warm enough for a walk which I will take soon. 

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