Saturday, February 14, 2009

Taxing taxol

I am hoping that the worst in over for this cycle. Although I didn't experience the severe pain as the first cycle, it still has not been fun. I have slight numbness and tingling in my fingers (neuropathy) and my muscles are still stiff. I won't take the vicodin during the day as it makes me too dizzy and puky. There is 4 inches of snow on the ground suddenly. I don't think this was forecasted. So much for my walk.

I met up with my ex-coworkers A, B and K yesterday for Happy Hour. No booze for me though the gin and tonic seemed tempting. K finally dumped her manic-depressive, pain-in -the ass husband and is much happier with a new career. B was told he had lung cancer the year we all were fired. He had a cyst in his mouth but somehow they accidentally x-rayed his chest instead of his mouth and found his tumor. He didn't smoke and had no symptoms. It had spread to 2 nodes. His prognosis is slightly worse than mine but he has been cancer free for 18 months now. We compared chemos. Of course his surgery was much more debilitating than mine (lobe removal). We had fun gossiping about old times.

Later I went to Naomi's game. It was depressing in many ways and I felt sick sitting there for so long. She has been playing so badly. She got more time as a sophomore. There was a team event after the game but she chose to go out with her friend instead. Hopefully she was not meeting up with the infamous Dontae or is it Dante. At least she seems to be doing well in school.

I finally was able to get some sleep interrupted by Naomi's alarm going off at 5. I' ve been sleeping in Josh's old room-a memorial to his past athletic achievements with all his trophies and posters. I had painted stars all over his ceiling that glow at night left over from when he was a little boy. His mattress sucks and it is very cold in there. I am so restless at night, I feel bad disturbing Steve but I get mad that I have to stay in the uncomfortable room when I feel so bad.

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