Saturday, February 7, 2009

Silly stuff in cyberspace

Lots of junk in cyberspace. Over the past week I've read: The Government knows what causes TNBC and knows how to cure it but won't. (not sure why not, to be mean, to make money?!?).
TNBC can take replacement hormones with impunity as their cancers aren't estrogen-fed.

Now the last statement is a dangerous one derived from that silly Suzanne Sommers who thinks she has found the fountain of youth by sucking up large doses of 'bio-identical' hormones. She was on Oprah the other day with examples of depressed, dried-out ladies, suffering from hot-flashes turned into cheerful sex fiends with just one week of estrogen. This is a woman who has had breast cancer cured, as she says, by mistletoe extract. No mention of what kind of BC but even with my not-so-nice kind, I could have forgone the chemo, painted my fingernails blue, and still have had a 50% chance of surviving. The number one risk factor for BC is exposure to estrogen. This has been proven with numerous studies. Now with TNBC, the link isn't so clear as TNBC hits a different population but there is no saying that our TNBC didn't start out as estrogen positive. We certainly aren't immune to estrogen positive breast cancer in our remaining breast or breast tissue that remains after a mastectomy. They had doctors on the show with opposing viewpoints-mainly stressing the concept of' bio-identical' hormones is an empty one but they didn't stress the dangers enough!

For some fun stuff from cyberspace, my favorite Flight of the Conchords:

We now have a thaw. No highs below 30 for the next week! Steve and I took a long walk yesterday. I am getting faster. Today I even went for a run. Easier than on the AC cycle but still a struggle.

Naomi was in delightful form yesterday-not sure how well sarcasm travels in cyberspace. She couldn't find part of her uniform and blamed everyone for its disappearance. Turns out she had it stuffed into some pocket of her bag the entire time. Steve meanwhile refused to go to her game to punish her so I went by myself. Since the 2 other posts are injured, she got lots of playing time against a weak team but still had a bad game.

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