Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Press

The Ann Arbor News called last night for an interview concerning the up-coming bball game to benefit LiveStrong. I was the sole Huron representative ( though I didn't identify myself in the article except as an ex-runner who has a daughter on the Huron Varsity team. I am out of T-shirts but they can be bought at the door.
Kept waiting for the rain to abate yesterday but I finally went out with umbrella in hand although at one point, a sudden wind gust turned it inside out. The rain had stopped by then. Very cold and windy today. I did go to yoga today, which was much easier when I am not in pain or on opiates. Still I am very inflexible. Today's instructor came from Brighton Beach, Brooklyn where my husband is from. My wig kept falling off during the poses. Most of the people there have breast cancer except for a lady with lung cancer. There is a man too but I don't know his story.

Today's plans include watching more Foyle's War and then doing something with one of the moms. I feel OK but I am not looking forward to next week when the poisoning resumes.

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