Thursday, February 12, 2009

My first yoga

Even when I was the epitome of health, I had two huge strikes against me for being 'good' at yoga: No flexibility whatsoever. Years of running have not improved that. I do try to stretch but my range of motion is pathetic. Also: I have postural hypotension i.e. I faint if I am standing and not moving. Coupled with being on vicodin for my bone pain and myalgia, which makes me nauseous and dizzy, suffice it to say, I had a rather sucky experience. This was 'gentle yoga' for cancer patients at the Wellness Connection. All of the other participants were out of treatment. The instructor was very understanding and supportive letting me just lie there as the others went through their positions. Maybe next week when I am not on narcotics, I will do better.

So this is my 'bad' day. Late last night I started to get bone pain from the Neulasta and the myalgia came back. The latter is at a low level due to the vicodin but I am very sleepy and nauseous. I better feel better tomorrow as I have planned several activities.

We are trying to plan around several schedules to go to Seattle with Shanna and Oliver next month. A pain. Bball should be over (unless they go to the State Final). There will be 2 nights that Naomi will be on her own, which makes me nervous.

Josh and Julia will be gone the week before to Jamaica. He had a huge presentation today and developed 'brain freeze'. No words came out of his mouth for what seemed like an eternity to him but then he finally started in and was fine. His colleagues said he was only frozen for 5 seconds.

I went to the UM support group last night. Unfortunately, most of the time was usurped by a guest speaker, who spoke twice as long as planned, on guided imagery complete with boring (to me) exercises. Imagine your happy place... There was a new woman there recently diagnosed with TNBC. She is shell-shocked and extremely upset. Despite being a nurse, she didn't seem to have a clue what she was going to be into. It was a surprise that to her that they most likely will recommend chemo.

As I was going through pages of postings yesterday trying to get a feel for how TNBC metastasizes, I came across one lady that developed bone cancer 10 years out from her original diagnosis. Strange, as usually TNBC manifests its evil much earlier. But they happened to do pathology on her bone tumor-it was estrogen positive!!!! It meant they made a mistake on her original tumor and she went through all sorts of hell for no good reason. She just needed her estrogen blocked.

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S. F. Heron said...

Sue, hang in there. Have you tried the claritin at all to help with the neulasta side affects? Deb may have some info on that. I do believe it helped me, especially because I took it every day for my allergies.

Every trip for chemo is another step to being done (how's that for my very own, made up cliche?)

Thinking of you!


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