Friday, February 13, 2009

New grandbaby!!!!

Shanna finally let me share the good news today that Oliver will be a big brother 9-11-09. She wasn't sure how pregnant she was before today but the ultrasound showed a strong heartbeat and everything else looked good for a 10 week old fetus. Something to look forward to!! She and Oliver will fly out to Seattle next month with us. Her Boston flight has a one stop in Detroit. Guess whose flight is cheaper? More evidence that Michigan can't catch a break.

This Taxol is the pits. Although the vicodin keeps the myalgia down, it makes me dizzy and queasy. I am trying to take it only at night. I did go on a walk today but it was very difficult. I am also growing a new set of Mees' lines.

I went to the support group at the Wellness Connection. Only 2 other survivors-one I had met before in a wig store. She is positive only for Her2, which in the past would have been even worse news than triple negative. Herceptin gives her much better odds but she might need to take it 2 years at $100,000/year. The other lady just finished radiation for an estrogen positive small tumor. No chemo, just needs to take Tamoxifen for 5 years. Wish I had that type. The Wellness Connection gives free lunches. Normally I would love pasta primavera but it just tasted like acid to me. I did eat a lemon bar which tasted fine.

Later I am meeting up with old colleagues for Happy Hour and then to Naomi's bball game. Hope I can keep my energy up.

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