Friday, February 6, 2009

Mees' lines

So these white lines that are 1-2 mm thick 2 mm from my cuticles running the width of 8 of my nails are called Mees' lines. . Could be a sign of arsensic or heavy metal poisoning but in my case, chemo. A minor insult as far as my general cosmesis is concerned. Cosmesis seemed to be the favorite word of Dr. Pierce, the rad onc as in the 3 week protocol could result in negative cosmesis. The adjective form of this rarely used noun is more familar: cosmetic.

Negative cosmesis: I certainly have that. Runny eyes and nose. No hair, pale skin, greatly hacked up boob, etc. It is very hard to look in the mirror.

But I am feeling and sleeping better. After my lunch with Josh (assuming he hasn't forgotten me), I will go for a walk once the temp jumps up 30 deg.

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