Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Infusion Seven-Day One

I had a late start today. Although my hemocrit rose, I am still anemic. Worse, my white blood cell count dropped quite a bit but not enough to postpone chemo. I will have the nurse administer the Neulasta tomorrow due to problems that I am having with my insurance. So the Zometa study was explained to me. If I sign up, I only have a 33% chance getting on Zometa. The other two drugs also are bisphosphonates but are orally active so I don't need an infusion. One is Boniva-usually given once a month but they want it taken every day for 3 years. The other is a drug only available in Europe. In any case I would be on the drug for 3 years with a 10 year follow up. The Zometa is an infusion every month for 6 months then every 3 months for 3 years. It has a long list of side effects-bone pain, tough on the kidneys etc. Lots of potential problems for no promised benefit. What made me mad is that they have two markers that MAY predict whether you are more prone to bone mets that they will test you for but they will not give you or your doctor the results as the test isn't absolutely definitive yet. I find this annoying and unethical. Also hidden in the 19 page document is that if you have a side effect that needs treatment, it is your or your insurance 's company responsibility to pay for it. I would have to start while I am on radiation. I am thinking forget this study. One question I have for the cancer world is what is the bone density of the ladies who do get bone mets? More research along with what they really know about those markers. One involves the parathyroid.

While waiting for my infusion, I ran into a lady from my yoga class. She has a similar regimen as I only she has 2 more taxol treatments than I. Her Mees' lines are black, which annoy her so they are covered up with nail polish. Dr. Henry said that Blacks and Asians get black lines across their nails instead of the white lines I have. My yoga buddy is Asian. She was surprised at my long, thick eyelashes (mascara enhanced). Some of my nails have 3 lines now. The infusion was late, long, and uneventful. I did get a foot massage that was very nice. A very early stage estrogen positive lady sat next to me while she got her Zometa infusion. She is thrilled to be on the study. She did not need chemo-breast cancer lite.

I had my nice long walk yesterday. It was even nicer today but I was in the hospital forever and then will go to Naomi's game-Parent night. They played last night handily winning but Naomi played poorly. Not sure if she will start tonight. Marilyn called to see how things were going. Her last Taxol will be Friday but she thinks she might need a transfusion first. The whole chemo has really wiped her out and she does not leave the house. She is flat on her back for 4 days after treatment. She's interested in LiveStrong, which we might do together. She won't have radiation so the timing might not be right unless they let me do LiveStrong during radiation. She was breathless. I guess I am lucky that I still can somewhat function while on chemo even if I do hate it and feel bad.

Naomi and I watched the Conchords together. She got a kick out of the "Same Girl" song as it was a clear (to her at least) spoof of one of her favorite hip hop songs.

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