Thursday, February 5, 2009

mall walking

So I didn't walk yesterday as it never got above 15 deg and there was a very strong wind. Today, despite the forecast for 25 deg, it was even colder and our pipes froze again. My friend and I went to the mall for our walk-round and round and round. I even got sweaty under my wig. I read from others on how hard it is to wear a wig in the summer as they could be so hot but I am hoping for hair by then.

Today I opened my sticky eyes to all whiteness. Damn, I'm blind! But no, my sleeping cap fell over my eyes.

I didn't feel bad at all today, not even any queasiness. Just runny eyes and nose and I don't have a cold. So I guess I will feel good until Tuesday, when I am poisoned again. Maybe this time I will start sucking up the vicodin at the first sign of 'myalgia'.

After our walk and talk, we came back and watched some Flight of the Conchords. Very funny. Later I got a package from Teri with enough CDs to last me through chemo. Thanks so much!

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