Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day

I received several surprises yesterday. One a special package from Texas from  my old neighbor, who sent a Texas care package complete with Texas grapefruits, pecans , pralines and Lone Star cookies. Also a very cute homemade card from Lesa in MA who makes handmade cards for cancer patients in treatment. One friend gave me a nice handmade hat and sweater and Steve flowers.

I didn't leave the house as I am still tired and sore though less so. Watched one of Teri's movies with Steve-very good (Foyle's War). We had spent some time in that part of England.

Later my friend and I watched Waitress, which was cute.

Trying to organize all the moms now to go out to brunch.

Day 76 of chemoland. Such a long, long time.

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