Monday, November 10, 2008

The weekend

So November finally came with its cloudiness, grayness and cold. It always has been my least favorite month. Jan came over Saturday and we went for a walk in Furstenburg Park battling the wind but managed to walk for a couple of hours before the rain. Martha came over later with a delicious dinner that I felt guilty taking as for now, physically I am in good shape. We then watched the rest of the "Weeds' episodes that I borrowed from Karen. We spent some time making fun of an ostentatious memorial her brother has proposed for her parents that she has to partially finance- part of it is a trite poem by her great-grandfather, the inventor of corn flakes, that the brother has now indicated is his grandfather. Could be a typo but then we thought he may have purposely misled people to think he was the grandson instead of merely the great-grandson of someone famous for whatever prestige that would give him.

Sunday I did manage to get a run in in the drizzle. Once I get going, I feel fine. Later we had snow showers. Josh and Julia (and Sunny) came over for 'the family dinner'. He thinks he might have grazed a deer on the way slamming on his brakes to avoid hitting it sending Sunny flying in the car. The deer are particularly thick along Dexter-Ann Arbor road. I tried to include Naomi as much as possible in the food preparation as she is so far behind in 'life lessons.' She has accepted that she will be with us in the near future as her peers scatter to the wind but I need to focus more on her growing up regardless of my fate. So she made the cream puffs and custard filling though I had to stand by to remind her what the next step would be. She was proud of them. Thanksgiving will be at J&J. I was asked to bring dessert.

Later my cousin Donna called. She had just learned of my cancer from our aunt. I had meant to call her but I have a hard time calling people saying "I have cancer'. I am glad she called. Unfortunately the very weak Michigan economy is really impacting her family. Tim has been searching for a job for the past 7 months and her hours have been cut. Out-of-state companies are hesitant to offer house buy-out programs as they know how hard it is to sell a Michigan home.

I am spending less time in the middle of the night obsessing about my situation so I guess that is progress. There are periods of time that I don't think about it or think of it as something happening to someone else.

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