Monday, November 17, 2008


No I am not going to go on (again!) about my dismal prospects of survival or of TNBC in general though I did find myself saying something stupid the other day referring to the estrogen positive tumor type as the 'good' kind to someone whose wife is surviving it and was reminded that there is no 'good' cancer-this was right after I published a rant from a lymphoma survivor stressing there is no good cancer. But my new statistics-I put on a page counter, nerd that I am, that not only counts how many times my pages are visited, but tells me where they are from, how long they spend, what computer and browser they have, their IP address, etc. Sort of scary. Not that I will do anything with this information but it is good to know that if I could do this, anyone could and may exploit this somehow. Anyway, most of my visitors are obvious except I never told my daughter that I had this blog but either she or someone else in Arlington spent 4 hours with the pages open. Also puzzling, someone with a Kizer computer in France has checked in. Visitors from England and Sweden also.

Winter has finally come here. Damn it. There is snow on the ground but I hope the roads are not icy. I took a day off from running yesterday and concentrated on tackling some cleaning projects here-barely a dent sadly. My new friend N, who was one of my roommates in Italy, is coming over in a few hours and it would be nice if she didn't think I was a total slob but after sharing a room for 5 weeks, I guess there will be no surprises.

One of my biggest annoyances (aside from TNBC) is Naomi's injury. She took a hard elbow to her jaw joint at bball the other night. It has gotten alot better but until a physician clears her, she is benched. I haven't gotten around to finding another doctor other than her pediatrician-a very, very conservative woman who used to live across from me. Her daughter, the same age as my son, was on a soccer team I coached when the kids were 7. I remember one 40 degree sunny morning she knocked on my door wondering if I intended to have the game that morning as it was so cold and that the kids certainly would all get pneumonia. I reminded her that the rec department called off games ONLY if there was lightning and actually the kids with all their running around, would be quite comfortable. She said she couldn't risk her daughter getting sick-I was thinking to myself "yahoo!!" as the girl was such a pain and utterly nonathletic and I had too many kids to deal with as it was but a part of me was thinking, this woman is a doctor yet she thinks one could become ill playing outside when it is 40. ( I am outside as much as possible doing stuff in all kinds of weather and have yet to become ill from it) Of course she is from India where 40 deg is considered very cold. When Naomi had mono, she thought she should sit out the soccer season as her spleen could burst even though it had shrunk to normal size by then. And as for the birth control pills, which I have Naomi on with the help of Shanna's OB-gyn friend, I could just imagine her reaction to that. Her daughters, now in their twenties, probably don't even date or at least tell their mom about it. Naomi and bad menstrual cramps are not a good combo plus I am afraid that sooner or later, these men that she attracts will talk her into having sex despite my many warnings. Just last week, one of my other soccer players for many years, gave birth to twins. She is only 17!!! We have an appointment with the doctor later. All she has to say, the jaw isn't broken and we should be good to go.

We had a bball parent meeting yesterday. We should have a very good team-so good I don't know how much Naomi could contribute (this is her 3rd year on varsity) but the coach told me he is depending on Naomi alot and I need to get this jaw issue straightened out. Of course we had to write down our volunteer time commitments-what will I be able to do once I start chemo?

Then I had to drive Naomi to the store so she could buy a videogame for her current boyfriend's birthday. I reminded her how much money she owes me, that I should be paid before her paying too much for a boyfriend that given her usual relationship time, will be done with in a few weeks. This one will leave for the Navy soon. She really has a poor concept of money. She has so much growing up to do and help from me.

N just called and will come tomorrow instead. More time to clean the house. What do I do all day with this time on my hands? At one point in my life, I led a girl scout troop, coached a soccer team, trained for a marathon, and worked full-time though house-cleaning was way down on the list of priorities. I do spend too much time doing puzzles-keeping my mind sharp only partially justifies this. Now I spend a lot of time researching cancer and running always is good for an hour. At night, there is homework to help with but not nearly as much as there was in the past. When I first 'retired' last year, we were planning Shanna's wedding and dealing with the aftermath of my mom's death. I spent a lot of time retitling things, going to the courthouse, accounting, redistributing assets, etc. Somehow the time just goes by. I am not bored-I have plenty of visitors. Over the weekend, two friends came over on separate occasions. Hopefully people will continue to visit me when I can no longer go out and about and when I look hideous.


Anonymous said...

Fact: you will NEVER look hideous, you gorgeous silly thing. Take care,

Everything Changes said...

I've stumbled across your blog in cancerland. I am wishing you all the best with these fierce ups and downs. Since you have learned Italian, do you ever indulge the sorrowful moments of cancer with some good melodramatic Italian opera? I find it a wonderful salve.

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