Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Are you a survivor or a victim?

While I was in the cancer library at UM the other day, I was reading some essay about the difference between being a cancer survivor and a cancer victim. Basically it boils down to attitude: the difference between focusing on the 75% chance of survival vs focusing on the 25% chance of death. As said before, I am a little uncomfortable with the idea that if I just think good thoughts, all will be right in the world. And if things don't go well, will people sadly shake their heads if she only had the right attitude.

Running does put me in a better mood. At least the streets had a clear path though our mailman slipped somewhere on our street's sidewalk needing an ambulance to get him up this morning.
We do have an exercise bike in our lower level-I guess I can do that if running is impossible during my long stay in chemoland. I will miss the feeling I get after running-that I actually accomplished something.

My neighbor Katy finally left this afternoon after numerous false starts over the past 2 years. She brought a cute gift over for Oliver. Hope all is well in Texas Katy.

No school today though Naomi is there anyway for practice. No rest for them. After sitting out a few days, she has finally recovered enough to practice.

I have given up with the cold cap idea to save my hair-the logistics of getting the supplies are too overwhelming and there is no guarantee it will work. I will be very sad the day my hair falls out. I can't even get myself to go for the pre-fallout pixie cut (I will look just awful with really short hair-or bald)

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