Saturday, November 15, 2008

Scary blog

While rooting around in my TNBC blogs today, I found another: the scariest one yet. This is a young woman with 3 young kids who suddenly found a tumor growing on her the same week one of her kids had a seizure. I'm not sure how big this tumor was but it was in her chest wall and was TN. Her nodes were clean and she had the standard treatment. One year later, she has a brain tumor, which they managed to shrink but it is still in her spine. My worst nightmare.

I was able to run a marathon this week (a week as opposed to the 3.8 h it has taken me in the past). Today's leg was especially tough, cold, constant drizzle and a very strong north wind. Where I live, going north is almost always uphill so south winds make things much easier. Even though I was soaking wet and could not stop for more than a minute or I would freeze, I felt good. Two weeks left of my health honeymoon before the poison.

I went out briefly with Deb and her friends last night to see this blues band whose main singer, Chris Canis, used to perform in her coffeeshop. I liked the music but it is hard to talk with a band playing so loudly even if they are good.

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