Thursday, November 20, 2008


Still trying to straighten out my insurance. I was on the phone for an hour with the HR people that the company has outsourced to some sweatshop in New Hampshire. Each time a different answer. I have to switch over to 'retirement' insurance as my current insurance expires next week but all the promised information that supposedly will be sent to me was unhelpful. I got a bill for the COBRA insurance and another bill for the same insurance if I was allowed to continue it. The people told me yesterday that I cannot keep the same insurance (before they said I could), unless I do COBRA. The details on the new insurance are extremely sketchy. Allegedly more stuff is coming in the mail. To say that this is a burden while I am dealing with a life threatening situation is an understatement. Do I skip treatment? Do I try to get on Steve's insurance which will expire in January? It is all so annoying.

I do my chemobrain study tomorrow.

Naomi is injured again-this time her knee. When she dove for the ball, her 200 lb teammate jumped on top of her. She spent a few hours in the ice tank yesterday to prevent swelling.

I did run. Still below freezing but the ground was dry. I tried to run perpendicular to the wind.

It doesn't look like the auto industry will get a bailout. If our neck of the woods isn't suffering enough..

Later I went to Brenda's for dinner. Very nice company and food.

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