Sunday, November 9, 2008

Good review article on TNBC

The following is a recent review on where treatment stands on treating TNBC and what factors may be targeted in the future.

The article is 'technical' but is a good review nonetheless.
Its points are that:

1. TNBC is much more deadly that hormone receptor types
2. It responds more to Adriamycin than other types.
3. It relapses more quickly than other types
4. If it doesn't relapse in 3 years, it probably won't
5. It has a different pattern of metastises rarely going to the bone
6. Its incidence is in a different population than most breast cancers
7. There are numerous 'targetable' growth factors in TNBC that are on the verge of being exploited

Right now I am trying to get myself to go out into the cold drizzle and run. Lazy, lazy, lazy.


Renee said...

Hi Sue!

Check out this article from regarding TNBC.

I wondered if my oncologist was making a mistake in NOT giving me adriamycin - and consulted with two other oncologists. Both said they no longer prescribe this drug. All three agreed on Taxotere and Cytoxan.

Great strides have been made in recent years on treating TNBC. It is a scary disease, but if we hit it hard and aggressive the first time, many ladies have made it past year 5.

Please check out Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation: Lots of support from people who have been where you are right now.

Blessings and hugs to you!


Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

Hi Renee

I read posts all the time on the TNBC website and get alot of my articles from it but I did miss this one that you sent. I agree with you, it is a good summary of where things are at. The most positive points of this article you sent is that 1)TNBC responds well to chemo 2)if you survive 3 years without reoccurance, you are probably home-free.

Of course the biggest bone of contention is whether "Adriamycin" is the way to go. There is literature arguing both sides of the coin here. I did bring up some of the 'anti-Adriamycin' stuff up at my consult and she just sighed.
She and her partner, Daniel Hayes, who has a great reputation, were insistant that Adriamycin is very important tool in eliminating distant metatheses. As one basically has just one shot to eliminate these, I decided to go for it even if it may be overkill. The taxol deriavatives and Cytoxan seem to be part of everyone's game plan now.
Anyway, thanks for your support and posting. I do read you regularly as you are in this a few months ahead of me and it gives me some idea of what is to come. Unlike lots of our TNBC peers, you are closer to my age. I really would have been upset if this happened while I was in my 30s as so many of the posters are.


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