Thursday, November 27, 2008


An easy Thanksgiving for me as I didn't need to cook the whole meal. Naomi offered to make the pie and the ambrosia too as her new boyfriend Dante wants her to be able to cook if they have a chance at a future. Ha. These boyfriends of hers last about a month. I was nervous with her slicing up all the apples but she did all right. Even the pie crust turned out well-thin, even and flaky. I should have her do more of the cooking especially as I go into chemoland but she needs to be more independent.

A relatively warm sunny day so I could run easily.

So Julia made tons of food-very good stuff too. She put alot of effort into everything though Josh was probably disappointed that she messed around with the stuffing recipe.

We let Naomi drive back even though it was dusk and we were going right through deer central. Sure enough some deer started to jump in front of her but she wasn't going very fast and was able to stop in time.

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