Saturday, November 22, 2008

Run, run, run..

One of my blogger friends (Renee) started her blog with music titles for each entry. Run, Run, Run is an old Who song. Although cold today (22), it was sunny and windless so I went for a record long run (for the past year at least- 5.5 miles) Never mind this used to be a short run but I felt good. Before I went, we got flu shots at my primary care office. He has yet to say anything about my cancer even though everything is sent to him. I guess he is busy.

Naomi went to see the long-awaited "Twilight' last night. She said that it sucked. Up to this year, she has never read a book for pleasure. She has a sizable learning disability-'language processing disorder' is the official title. She seems to have an inability to make inferences at least with words. On the other hand, one time she was playing a game with some of us adults in which you have to act out a phrase and she was able to do this better than anyone-both guessing and acting-of course she was the only one who was alcohol-free. But she hasn't put down her Twilight and the other 3 books in the series.

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Teri B. said...

A joy named Sue...
OK, that is an off-by-one letter song title...

I finally got my gmail account straightened out so that I could be a blog follower, and I am training myself to use Firefox, even though I am alway inadvertently shutting down everything when I just want to shut down one thing because I have not trained myself to see the Tabs that are right there in the top middle of the page.

Anyway, it is so inspiring to read about your running as I sit here on my widening butt THINKING about exercise. Of course, here in Santa Monica it is 70 degrees...way too hot for a jog... :-)

I am starting to expound on the exploits of my daughter Hannah, but I will transfer that to email to not clog up your blog.

I am sending you good wishes several times a day.


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